Keyboard Shortcuts for the Edit Pattern page

Choosing master note value on which subdivisions will be based (equivalent of selecting a note value from the picker on the left)

  • S: Sixteenth note
  • E: Eighth note
  • Q: Quarter note
  • H: Half note
  • W: Whole note
  • B: Bar
  • . : Toggle the Dot

Entering subdivisions (the equivalent of tapping a button from the main palette)

  • 0: rest
  • 1-9: single note, through to nontuplet


  • Up/Down arrows: Move selection between accents, rhythm entry, sound entry
  • Left/Right arrows: Move cursor or highlighted note group left/right
  • Backspace: Delete highlighted note group, or item to the left of the cursor

Rhythm Editing

  • CMD + E: Edit the highlighted note group (to toggle notes/rests)
  • 1-9 (while editing rhythm): Toggle note/rest at that position

Copy/Paste rhythm

  • CMD + C: Copy highlighted rhythm
  • CMD + V: Paste copied rhythm
  • CMD + D: Duplicate highlighted rhythm
  • CMD + S: Save highlighted rhythm to favourites

Sound Entry

  • R/ Shift +R/ctrl+ r: lower case/upper case/italic R buttons
  • L/ Shift +L/ctrl+ l: lower case/upper case/italic L buttons
  • H/K: H and K buttons

Accents/Flams/Ties/Slashes (while accent line is selected)

  • A or >: Toggle accent
  • T: Toggle tie
  • F: Cycle through flam/drag/ruff
  • /: Cycle through slashes

Note: If one of the sound lines is selected you can use alt + any of the key commands above to add articulations

Enter: Apply / Done

Esc: Cancel

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