Creating a Stroke Guide

To play an accented rudiment efficiently, you can use a combination of Tap, Full, Up and Down strokes so that your sticks are always at the correct height to play the next note at the appropriate volume.

PolyNome can calculate and display a Stroke Guide for you in a few taps.

The requirements are:

1. The rudiment must be entered into Line 1 of Seq1 and utilise R and L buttons to represent Right and Left hands.

2. The rudiment must have some accents (otherwise, the stroke guide will just consist entirely of taps)

With these criteria met, you can enter a stroke guide as follows:

- Tap in Seq 2

- Tap the ... at the bottom of the menu

- Tap Stroke Guide

- Tap Do It

If you make changes to the pattern in Seq 1, the Stroke Guide will automatically update.

You can add a Stroke Guide to multiple Playlist items at once by selecting them in Edit mode, then following the steps above.

You can add a Stroke Guide to an entire Playlist Section by selecting the Section header, then following the steps above.

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