Viewing The Mixer / Faders For Changing Volumes

The Smart Mixer is one of the most powerful parts of PolyNome.

Tap the middle button below the Play button to toggle it off/on

Using the Faders

You can drag the faders up/down with your finger. Tapping above or below the fader handle will inc/dec in steps of 1%. Long pressing above or below the handle will jump in 10% steps (for volumes) or useful steps for other faders (eg. to common swing settings with the swing faders)

Big Faders & Controlling Playlist Volume

Tap on any fader to reveal a Big Fader that's easier to control.

You can tap the left and right arrows to navigate through other faders in the mixer.

You can tap the 0-100% markings on the right to set a volume.

If you're in a Playlist, you'll see a padlock in the top right. Tapping this will enter Mixer Lock mode and moving the fader will affect the volume of all items in the Playlist.

Smart Visibility

You'll only see faders for the things that have been entered in the pattern. For example, if Met 2 is empty, you won't see any faders for Met 2. If there are no sounds added to a pattern, you won't see faders for those sounds.

Big Numbers

On the left of the mixer you'll see a fader for Big#. You can push this up to see the Big Numbers display.  The Mode button below the fader will toggle through different Big Numbers display modes.


If you have rhythms in Met 1 and Met 2 that use different divisions of a note, you'll see a Rates fader. Pushing this up will reveal a display showing the 2 different rates. This is good for illustrating polyrhythms. You can tap the Mode button below it to toggle through different display modes.

Master and Haptic Feedback

The Master fader controls the system volume of the device.

Above it you'll see an orange button which will turn on Haptic Feedback (if your device supports Haptic Feedback)

Seq 1

The Seq 1 section has all the faders relating to Seq 1. If there are no sounds assigned to the rhythm in Seq 1, then you'll simply see Line 1 and Line 2 faders. Once you start adding sounds with the R,L,K,H buttons, you'll see a fader for each sound you've added so you can control the volumes individually.

Seq 2

You won't see the Seq 2 section unless you have a rhythm in Seq 2. The same applies to Seq 2 regarding faders for different sounds.


You can swipe the mixer to the left using the drag bar at the bottom '=========='

To the right, you'll find faders for "Metronome".  These allow you to have an additional layer of sounds on the regular divisions of a beat - 1,e,+,a, trip, let, etc.  Plus a "Mark" fader that allows you to have a sound play every X notes of a certain type.

The blue labels in the top of the mixer are buttons for changing sounds, assigning Mark position, etc.


There are also faders for Swing and Delay. The swing faders control the degree of swing of each metronome. If they seem to have no effect, then tap on one of the Metronomes and choose "Swing" and try switching from 8th to 16th swing (or vice versa)

The Delay faders add a delay before a note is played. That is, if you push up the delay fader of Met 2, everything in that metronome will play later than what's in Met 1. You can use this to experiment with putting a snare hit behind the beat.

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