Changing Volumes of All Items in a Playlist with Mixer Lock

Enabling Mixer Lock for a Playlist allows the mixer faders to control volumes for all Playlist items at once.

The Mixer Lock state is saved per Playlist and can be toggled on/off easily any time a Playlist item is loaded.

  • To enable Mixer Lock tap a fader in the mixer to show the Giant Fader and tap the padlock in the top right.
  • When Mixer Lock is enabled, any fader changes will be applied to the entire Playlist.
  • When you turn on Mixer Lock, it will remain on even when you hide the fader. The mixer will have a red outline to indicate that Mixer Lock is turned on. 
  • When you first enable Mixer Lock by tapping the padlock on the Giant Fader, the fader strip will turn dark red. The dark red indicates that Mixer Lock is enabled BUT no volume changes have yet been applied. To apply the existing volume of the Giant Fader you’re viewing, tap the fader handle and the strip will turn bright red to indicate the volume has been set for the Playlist.
  • To adjust the volume of just a single preset when Mixer Lock is enabled: tap to show the Giant Fader, disable Mixer Lock by tapping the padlock, make the change, then tap the padlock again to re-enable Mixer Lock.

There are 2 other ways that you can apply fader changes to multiple items:

  • By selecting a Section Header (with Mixer Lock disabled). This will apply changes to just the selected section.
  • By entering edit mode in the Playlist and selecting multiple items. The changes will be applied to just the selected

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