Metric Modulation

The Metric Modulation function looks at the first thing entered into Seq 1 of each item in a Playlist, then attempts to set tempos so they all play back at a consistent rate.

For example, let's say:
- The first item in the Playlist has a 1/4 note in Seq 1, and the tempo is 120.

- The second item in the Playlist is 8th notes in Seq 1.

To apply Metric Modulation and make these two rates sound the same:

1. Tap the edit button (the pencil in the top right) and Select All, then tap Actions.

2. Choose Tempo Options -> Apply Metric Modulation

This will set the tempo of the second item to be 60bpm.  This means that the 8th notes will play at the same rate that the 1/4 note in Seq 1 played.

If you have sounds assigned to Line 1 of Seq1, and these include rests (e.g. you only assigned a sound every 3 notes) then the Metric Modulation feature will also take this into account. Again, it will try to match the rate.

Watch the video for an in-depth look at how to use the feature in different scenarios.

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