Archiving Practice Events

A practice event is created every time you play a preset or playlist item. All of these individual events are used to generate the statistics of how much you've practiced, when, and at what tempos.

If you've been using PolyNome regularly for a number of years, these events can start to take up a lot of memory and slow down the performance of PolyNome.

You can archive one year at a time of practice events from the Practice Log page.

When you archive a year of events, all of the individual events for a day are consolidated into a single Archive event for that day. You will lose some information in this procedure (charts of tempos, individual practice times, etc), but you'll retain the total practice time per day.

Details of the individual events will be stored in the notes for the archive event. You can also Backup the events before archiving in case you ever want to restore the details.

How To Archive Practice Events

  1. Go to the Practice Log page and scroll down. Tap Archive Events
  2. Tap the Backup 20XX button to backup the events for the year. Save them to your Files app for safe keeping.
  3. Tap the Archive Events button again. This time tap Archive 20XX to archive the events.
  4. Repeat the process if you want to archive for other years.

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