Connecting MIDI controllers, iRig Blueboard, etc.

You can control PolyNome with your iRig Blueboard, or any other device that can send MIDI messages.

NOTE: The iRig must be set to Midi over Bluetooth Mode 1 (check the iRig manual for how to do this )

In PolyNome

1. Go to PolyNome Preferences ->Remote Control Device

2. If your device is Bluetooth, tap on Bluetooth MIDI and connect to it.
3. Tap on MIDI Devices (iRig, etc) and select your device. (Once you see the check mark, go back to the Remote Device page)
4. Tap Learn MIDI Pedals, then press the pedals on your device to let PolyNome learn them. Tap the screen when you're done.
5. Tap a pedal and choose an action to assign to it.

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