How do I add External Links to a Preset or Playlist item? E.g. a video or a chart

If you're a Premium user you can add an External Link to a Preset or Playlist item (if you're using PolyNome 23.01.2 or above)

This will allow you to link to a video, or a website, or even a chart stored in your Files app.

If the link is to a YouTube video, you'll be able to play it within PolyNome. If the link is to a website or a document in your Files app (e.g. for linking a chart to a Preset) it will open in another app.

If all of your band charts are stored as PDFs in the Files app, you can run in split-screen mode on an iPad and view the charts on one side while having PolyNome running in the other.

How to add an External Link

To add an external link to a Preset, long press on it and choose "Edit Features", then tap the "Add Video/Website" button.

To add an external link to a Playlist item, tap the gear button on the right, then scroll down and tap the "Add Video/Website" button.

Updating Linked Presets

If you have a Preset that's used in many Playlists (e.g. a count off for a song that's used in many band setlists), you can attach a chart to the Preset in the Library, then have that propagate to all the versions in the Playlists.

Simply add the External Link to the Preset, then at the top of the same Edit Features page choose to "Update All Linked Copies" and choose "Overwrite Pattern"

How to link to a document in the Files app

1. Open the Files app and browse to the file you want to link to.

2. Long press on the file and choose "Share"

3. At the top there's a select field that can say "Collaborate" or "Send Copy". Make sure it says "Collaborate"

4. Below the select field there's text that says "Only invited people can edit".  Tap on this and choose "Anyone with the link" and choose "View Only"

5. In the section below people that starts with AirDrop, scroll and look for "Invite with Link".  If that isn't an option, read on for further instructions.

6. If "Invite with Link" is not an option, scroll to the end and choose "More..."

7. Tap "Edit" in the top right, then look for "Invite with Link" and tap the + to move it into Favourites. 

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