Getting Started

Welcome to PolyNome!

At first you may feel overwhelmed by PolyNome.  It can do A LOT!

It may not seem immediately intuitive because it works differently to any other app you've seen.

However, it's simple to learn the underlying concepts and once you understand them you'll be able to make it do pretty much whatever you want very quickly.

Getting Started

There is a lot of instruction built into PolyNome. Wherever you see an ⓘ within the app you can tap it to learn more.

If you watch the videos associated with each of the demo Presets (by tapping the ⓘ buttons on the right of each Preset) you'll get a good overview of how to program various patterns.

If you watch the videos associated with each item of the Example Playlist you'll get a good overview of some of the things you can do with Playlists.

You can also view the online user guide at

Still Confused?

If you have questions that you can't find the answers to then simply use the "Contact Us" button in the top right.

Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

You can check to see if you have a response by revisiting the Contact Us page.

If you enter your email address you'll receive notifications of replies by email too.

Have fun with PolyNome!


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