New in 21.04.2

Mac Version

PolyNome is now fully supported on the Mac (Catalina and above)

If you purchased on your iPhone and want to get the Mac version for free:

  • Open the App Store on your Mac
  • Tap your name in the bottom left, and look for PolyNome in the purchased section

Conversely, if you purchased on the Mac and want to get the iOS version for free, do the same on the iOS App Store.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use some keyboard shortcuts for basic features. Search help for "Keyboard" to see the details.

These short cuts will also work on an iPad with a hardware keyboard. On an iPad you can hold the CMD key to see a popup of the available shortcuts.

Manual Goal Sorting

In the Goals Dashboard, you can now manually sort the order of Goals by tapping the arrows button in the top left. 

Other Changes 

This update also improves compatibility with AirTurn devices for remote control.

Thanks for updating!

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