New in 21.07.1

21.07.1 adds options for repeat markers and alternate endings to the Add Items menu in a Playlist.

It also adds a new option in Preferences -> Pan, Vol, Mixer for Use System Volume (On / Off). By default, the Master fader in the mixer will control your device volume, but if you turn off "Use System Volume" it will only control the volume of PolyNome.

Repeats and Alternate Endings

You can use the repeat markers to loop sections of a Playlist a set number of times.You can use the alternate endings to instruct PolyNome to play different items on each repeat.
These will be useful when entering music from a score that utilises repeats and alternate endings.
You can also use them to create more involved practice routines. For example, you could have a playlist that plays 3 repeats of a set of singles exercises, then 3 repeats of a set of doubles exercises, before the playlist loops and automatically increases the tempo.

Watch the video to see it in action.

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