New in 21.09.1/2

Quick Simple Click

If you want a simple click with subdivisions in a specific time signature, it's now really quick to achieve.

Simply tap the time signature to choose a time signature. A default pattern will be created and the mixer will show up filtered to the subdivision faders.

Battery Saving Mode

By default, the new Battery Saving Mode is turned on. This stops the audio engine when PolyNome is stopped.

It may mean that PolyNome will have a tiny latency when hitting play. If this is an issue, you can disable Battery Saving Mode in Preferences - > Pan, Vol, Mixer

Small changes:

- When you fully close PolyNome any unsaved changes will be automatically saved.

- On larger iPads, the control buttons on the main page are now slightly larger.

- Long press on a Section Header in a Playlist to enter edit mode. You'll find a new option in the Actions menu to select the contents of the section.

- When copying a section header (from the Actions menu), the section contents will also be copied. The copied items can be inserted into any Playlist.

- Demo Presets/Playlists won't update with each new version UNLESS there are updates.

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