New in 21.09.3

New to this version are Mixer Lock and improvements to Quick Access Playlists

Mixer Lock

The Mixer Lock feature allows you to change the volume of any fader in the mixer and have it apply to all items in the loaded Playlist. This means you can easily change the levels of the metronome click, or the R sticking, or the level of Seq 1 across the entire Playlist.

To use the Mixer Lock feature, tap on the fader you want to set the level for to reveal the Big Fader, then tap the padlock button in the top right. The fader strip will turn red, indicating that the change will apply to the entire Playlist.

You can use the ← and → arrows in the Big Fader display to quickly move to other faders and set their levels.

Quick Access Improvements

There are a few new ways to add Playlists to the currently loaded Quick Access.

1. If the currently loaded Playlist is not part of the currently loaded Quick Access and you'd like to add it, you can simply tap the playlist name and choose "Add to Quick Access". Or, you can tap the Gear button on the Quick Access row and add it from there.

2. In Playlist Manager, you can select one or more playlists, tap the Actions button, and choose "Add to current Quick Access"

Watch the video for a quick refresher about Quick Access Playlists

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