New in 22.06.1/2

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts

There's a new option under Preferences -> Remote Control Devices to disable the default keyboard shortcuts. This means you can use a Bluetooth controller that acts like a Bluetooth keyboard and not have it execute the default keyboard commands. Or, if you're using PolyNome in split-screen and you're using a keyboard to control another app, it won't also control PolyNome.

Repeat Articulations

In the Edit Pattern page, when the top line above the rhythm is selected for entering accents, ties, slashes, etc. there's an option at the bottom that says "Tap To Detach Accents". When in detached mode, you'll notice that if you add an accent on the first note, it will be repeated over the whole rhythm - in the same way that it does for entering sounds.

Let's say you want to accent every 4th note - you can simply add an accent to the first note, then add "Spacers" to the next 3 notes. In Detached mode, that accent pattern will then loop over the entire rhythm.

What if you had a 4-bar rhythm and you wanted to accent every 4th note, apart from in the last bar when you want to accent all of the notes? Previously, you'd have to enter the accents for the entire 4 bars manually. In this update, you can enter a pattern (e.g. accent the first note followed by three spacers), then position the cursor above the last note of bar 3 and long press on the top line. You'll see a menu option for "Repeat Articulations". Tapping that will materialise the greyed-out articulations and you can then enter the accents for the final bar as you wish.

Materialise Articulations When Re-Attaching

Let's say you enter Detached mode when entering Accents and you add a single accent above the first note. You'll see greyed-out accents above the entire rhythm (since it just repeats the single accent you've entered).  If you then "Re-Attach" accents, the looped pattern will be applied to your rhythm. 

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