New in 22.11.1/22.12.1


  • Drags and Ruffs now play as a tight group just before the note they're attached to.
  • The max font size for notes for Playlist items has been increased.
  • Time signatures can now go up to 100/X
  • To change the Rates display mode (e.g. to the two circles with numbers in) tap the Mode button below the Rates fader in the mixer.


  • When using PolyNome with Bluetooth headphones or speaker, latency will be added to the flashing play button and big numbers display. This should help to synchronise the audio and video. Note that it's not possible to sync the highlighting of the notes due to the underlying way that PolyNome functions. The latency was calculated using AirPods Pro. If you use other Bluetooth devices, the sync may not be exact, but it should be improved from previous versions.

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