New in 2.3.7

Version 2.3.7 brings some performance improvements and a few useful new features.

Here's a quick overview. There are more detailed videos on Quick Access and Arrange further down...

The Quick Access Playlists feature is a new row at the bottom of the Playlist page where you can store your favourite Playlists for quick loading.

Just swipe to the Playlist you want to load and tap to load it.

This feature is useful if you want to work through a number of Playlists as a practice routine. You can add them in the order you want to work on them, then tap to load them in order.

If you have click tracks for songs which require a Playlist (because they have multiple sections), you can use the Quick Access Playlists to line up the songs for a band set. See the video for a demonstration.

Another addition the Playlist page is the Arrange option in the Actions menu.

This gives you a quick way to change the order of items in a Playlist without having to drag each item individually to the location you'd like it. This is great for reordering the songs in a Playlist that you'd like to reuse.

To use the feature:
Tap the Pencil button in the top right (to enter edit mode).Select the items you want to arrange, in the order you'd like them to be.Tap the Actions button at the bottom, and choose "Arrange"

If you didn't select every item in the Playlist, you'll be given the option to arrange them at the top or bottom (meaning above, or below, the unselected items).

The smaller changes are...
Long press a Preset to bring up the Actions menu.

  • Long press a Playlist item to enter edit mode.
  • New 'Big Numbers' modes: Tap the 'mode' button under the Big Numbers fader in the mixer to toggle through them.
  • Count-ins are no longer added to the Practice Log.
  • Clearer icons on the left of a Playlist when AutoAdvance and Play When Advancing are switched on.
  • When tempo percentage slider is visible in a Playlist, the tweak buttons will change the slider value, and not the tempo.
  • When Duplicating a Playlist in Playlist Manager, the Rename dialog pops up automatically.
  • Empty Presets in a Playlist have their title in the centre. Useful for section titles in a Playlist.
  • Improved performance with longer setlists. Long setlist names are now truncated in the centre.
  • Design tweaks and improvements. Minor bug fixes.

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