New in 2.4.0

Version 2.4.0 brings a LOT of new features and improvements.
Watch the video for a quick overview

Here's a list of the changes and additions...
New in 2.4.0

  • Edit Pattern page (replaces Change Sounds, Change Rhythm and Change Accents)
  • Tap Edit Pattern to jump straight to the page where you can edit the rhythm, sounds, and accents
  • On the Edit Pattern page you can tap on notes to select them.
  • Tap above the notes to edit Accents, Ties, Flams, Slashes
  • Tap below the notes to enter sounds. If you swipe in the sounds area, you can hear the entered sounds played back.
  • (note: You can long press above the notes, or below the notes on the main metronome screen to jump straight to accent or sound entry)
  • New groupings of dotted notes. You can have x notes in the space of 3
  • You can tap a note to select it and hit Edit to edit the notes/rests within a group
  • You can long press on a rhythm button to add it and bring up the edit window instantly
  • To Edit Accents/Ties/Flams/Slashes, tap above the notes.
  • If you want to edit Accents independently of the pattern, tap the Detach Accents label at the bottom of the Accents page.
  • 8 sounds buttons!
  • 6 octave keyboard
  • Konnakol entry page
  • Filtering on multiple labels, only relevant labels will show up as you narrow the selection
  • When deleting Presets, the Practice Events are moved to a

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