New in 2.5.6

Version 2.5.6 brings big improvements to the Quick Access feature of Playlists, and some other useful additions.

Also, don't forget that 2.5.5 brought over 20 new features. If you missed those, be sure to check out that article too.

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This update includes: Gap Click Builder, Quick Access Improvements, Split Notes option in rhythm entry, Practice Log Archiving and more...

Gap Click builder


With the recent interest in Gap Clicks I decided to add a Gap Click builder to the Playlist Manager. It allows you to very quickly create any gap click you might want.

Whether you want quarter notes followed by silence, or a complex combination of displaced clicks, you can do it all quickly and easily and save your custom click for re-use.

Quick Access


The Quick Access row at the bottom of the Playlist has had an overhaul. You can now Save and Load Quick Access lists, as well as populate the Quick Access list from an index Playlist. For example, if you install the Stick Control book from the Public Library, when you load the Index you can use it to populate the Quick Access row. Then, you can jump to any page in the book from the Quick Access panel.

Split Notes


Want to enter an 8th note triplet with the middle note split into 16ths? Or a group of 16th notes where the last note is 2x 32nds? You can do this easily using the "Split Notes" option in the edit menu.

Practice Log Archiving


If you have many practice events from past years and it's slowing down the stats in the Practice Log, you can now archive events. You'll find more information at the bottom of the Practice Log page. Tap Archive Events to learn more.

Efficiency Improvements


• You can now set tempos/reps for a section in a Playlist by selecting just the section header.

• Section Headers are clearer

• When duplicating multiple items in a Playlist, if they're not sequential, the duplicates will be added to the end of the list.

• When adding links to Playlists, the process is faster and more intuitive

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