How Do I Show/Hide Big Numbers

  • Turn on the Big Numbers display in the PolyNome Menu: #Big Numbers
  • The count is based on the time signature of Seq 1
  • You can change the visibility using the Big# fader in the mixer. With the fader at 100%, tapping anywhere will stop playback. With a lower setting where you can see the controls, you must tap the Play button to stop.
  • While playing, tap the gear button in the bottom right for Big Numbers options
  • Change colors in Preferences -> Big Numbers Colors. Tap the background, the big number, or the detail section to set the respective colors.

Big Numbers Options


  • Determines whether the numbers bounce in and out


  • Show/Hide the extra details below the numbers


With Pin turned on, the Big Numbers display will remain on screen even when PolyNome is stopped.

  • To Pause playback, tap in the top 1/3 of the screen
  • To Stop playback, tap in the bottom 2/3 of the screen
  • To Play, tap anywhere on the screen
  • When stopped, you'll see an x in the top right. Tap this to temporarily hide the Big Numbers display to allow you to make changes to your Preset.


  • When using on an iPad, you can choose between displaying the Big Numbers Full Screen, covering the Met (left half) or Library (right half)

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