What is a Playlist?

A Playlist is a collection of Items that can be played one after another, or separately.

These Playlist Items are either copies of existing Presets in your library, or Presets created directly in the Playlist. 

A Playlist can also contain Section Headers, repeat markers, embedded videos, and nested tuplets. All of these can be added using the "Add Items" option from "+" menu in the top right of a Playlist.

Uses for a Playlist

You might use a Playlist for count offs for a band setlist, bars of music in a longer piece, a practice routine, a  click that changes time signature, a click that changes tempo every few bars, or something else. The possibilities are numerous.

Adding items to a Playlist

You can add existing Presets to a Playlist, or you can create a Preset directly in a Playlist. You'll find both options by tapping the "+" button in the top right.

  • If you add an existing Preset, the two are linked by name. If you make changes to the original, you'll be given the option to apply those changes to the version in the Playlist (and vice versa).
  • If you add an item directly to a Playlist, then it doesn't appear in the Presets library and exists only in that Playlist.

Playlist Settings

At the bottom of a Playlist, you'll find a Playlist Controls row. In the Playlist Controls you can specify whether the items should play one after another, whether the Playlist should loop when it reaches the end, whether the tempo should automatically change when the Playlist loops, along with other things.

Some important things to note:

  • Items in a Playlist are essentially Presets. They function in exactly the same way, but they're stored within the Playlist instead of within the Presets Library.
  • If you add an existing Preset to a Playlist, a copy is inserted. That means you can delete the Playlist without worrying that the original Preset will be lost.
  • If you add an existing Preset to a Playlist, when you save any changes to the Preset, you'll be asked if you want those changes to be applied to the copy.
  • Items in a Playlist can share the same name (whereas items in the Presets library must have unique names).
  • If multiple items in a Playlist have the same name, when you save changes to one you'll be asked if you want the changes to be applied to items sharing the same name.

Disabling a Playlist

When a Playlist item is selected, the main screen will show the timer and rep counter in red. This means the tempo and reps being used are those defined in the Playlist, and the Playlist is active.

If you tap either of these controls the Playlist will be disabled and they'll turn blue. If you change the tempo or reps on the main screen, these changes will be temporary and will not be applied to the Playlist version.

To change the tempo for a Playlist item, make sure it's selected in the Playlist and change the tempo using the tempo control at the bottom of the Playlist.

To change the reps for a Playlist item, tap on the gear button to the right of the item and choose values in there.

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