What is a Preset?

On the main Sequencer page in PolyNome you can create a pattern by editing the contents of Seq 1 and Seq 2.

The result is a pattern in a single time signature at a specified tempo. When you save this pattern and give it a name, that is a Preset. It will appear in the Presets library to the right of the main sequencer page.

If you want to create something that changes time signature, or tempo, or is more than a few bars long, use a Playlist.

A Preset can be a simple click, a groove, a melody, a click with bars of rest, a polyrhythm, a rhythmic idea, or something else. 

Creating a Preset

You can create a new Preset by tapping the + on the main sequencer page and choosing "Create New Preset", or "Save As...".  You'll be prompted to enter a name. When you're done, you'll see the new Preset in the Presets library which you'll find to the right of the Sequencer page.

Tapping the title at the top of the Presets page will present a dropdown menu where you can switch to viewing a Playlist, or the Playlist Manager.

Note: Presets in the Presets library have unique names. If you try to save a Preset with a name that already exists, you'll see an error.

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