Uploading to the Public Library

Uploading to the Public Library is quick and easy. (Note: First make sure you've registered for a free Public Library account from the "About" page in the PolyNome menu.)


1. Select one, or more, Presets or Playlists.

2. Tap the share button in the bottom middle of the Library page and choose "Add to PolyNome.net"

3. Type a brief description then tap the Upload button. This will upload your file to the PolyNome server and it will put the link text into your iPhone clipboard.

4. Tap the button to Go To Public Library, then make sure you're logged in.

5. In to the Library, choose the most relevant forum to post to and Create New Topic.

6. Tap in the body and Paste from your iPhone clipboard to add the link to your file. Make the description as useful as you can (other users will want to know what they're downloading). Enter a title. You can also add tags such as "Instagram", "YouTube" or "Dave Weckl" - anything that might be relevant to the content.

7. Submit. It sometimes takes a minute - be careful not to hit submit twice.

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