New in 20.11.1-3

20.11.1 introduces new version numbering to align with the release month - hence the jump from 2.5.7

This version includes 15 small improvements to speed up your workflow.

Here's a short video with a quick walk through of what's new:

And the full list:


  • When creating a new Playlist, it happens without leaving the Playlist page
  • Playlists remember their location when loading
  • With multiple Playlist items selected, you can drag one item to move all selected items for faster arranging
  • Tempo nudge is now applied to all selected Playlist items
  • Long Playlist names now scroll so you can read the whole name
  • Copied Presets (tap the Preset name on the main page to copy) can be inserted into any Playlist via the + button
  • If you select multiple Playlist items, you can copy them from the Actions menu and insert into any other Playlist
  • Practice Log for a Playlist containing links to other Playlists will show stats for those Playlists. That means, if you have, say, a quick access playlist with all of the Playlists you want to work on on Monday, you can tap the Practice Log button and view the stats for all of those linked playlists. You can also set a goal on that Quick Access playlist, instead of goals on the individual playlists within it.
  • Simplified Quick Access creation and editing. Create a new Quick Access from the Quick Access menu, then add items using the playlist + button. Editing a Quick Access will load it into the Playlist.


  • New Preference for AutoSave Mixer Volumes (in Prefs - > Vol,Pan, Mixer)
  • Preference to hide the status bar if you prefer a cleaner look
  • Preference to “Show Touches” if you want to create a tutorial video
  • Custom App Icon for Premium supporters

Public Library

  • New “+ Get More Presets” at the bottom of the Presets library for accessing the Public Library
  • Registering for the Public Library is now much simpler
  • The process of Uploading to the Library has been streamlined
  • Installing from the Library now happens with a single click!

PolyNome Premium

This version introduces the PolyNome Premium subscription.

The subscription is a way to ensure that PolyNome will continue to be developed and improved moving forward. 

If you choose not to subscribe, you won't lose access to any features you currently have. It's just for those users that find value in the new features that are introduced.

There's an FAQ that covers the most common subscription questions on the Premium page.

That's all for this version. Exciting new features coming soon!

- Joe

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