New in 22.01.1

You can now:-

- Make the Library/Playlist smaller.

- Set a uniform accent level for an entire Playlist.

- Hide Sequencer 2 if you don't want to see it.

Making the Library/Playlist smaller:


On iPad and mac versions, tap/click in the show library button and swipe/drag outside before releasing. Doing this will toggle the split screen size of the Library from 50% to 30%.

Setting a Uniform Accent Level for a Playlist


In previous versions, Playlist items with no accents would play back at the accented volume, and there was no visible accent fader to change this.

If you have a Playlist with some accented items, and others without accents, you can now set a uniform accent level using the Mixer Lock feature.

Simply tap the Accent fader (for one of the items that uses accents) and tap the padlock button in the Giant Fader that appears, then set the desired accent amount. This amount will be copied to all items in the Playlist and you'll be able to see the accent fader even for items that don't contain accents. Those items will play back at the unaccented volume.

Hiding Sequencer 2


To hide Sequencer 2, simply tap on it and tap the title "Sequencer 2 (hide)".

To show it, tap the part of Sequencer 2 that you can see.



- Fixed issue with the arrow keys not moving the cursor when entering notes.

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