New in 22.02.1

There are LOTS of new features in 22.02.1 that will improve your workflow and provide more value.

Embed Videos & Websites in a Playlist (Premium only)

If you're a Premium subscriber, you can embed videos or websites directly into PolyNome Playlists. This is really useful when creating educational content, homework assignments, etc.

- Tap the + button in a Playlist and choose Insert Video/Website

- Tap the Pencil button to go into Edit mode

- Tap the "Edit Video" or "Edit Website" button on the row and paste in the URL

A row can have a video and website, and you can have as many video/website rows as you like within a Playlist.

Users without Premium will be able to view, but not edit, the videos/websites.

Setting Reps/Timer/Tempo for Section or Selected Items

You can quickly set the Reps, Timers, or Tempos for all items in a section by tapping the Playlist Time row, or the Playlist Time button in the pop-up control panel (it's the button that looks like a clock).

This also works for mulitple selected items in edit mode.

Quickly Repeat Sections or Selected Items

You can add repeat markers to a Section, or to sequential selected items (in edit mode) by tapping the + button and choosing the Repeat option.

You can modify the number of repeats by tapping the gear button on the repeat end row.

Change Volume for Section or Selected items

If a Section Header is selected in a Playlist, the mixer will get a red outline and any volume changes will be applied to the entire section.

If the Playlist is in edit mode and multiple items are selected, volume changes will be applied to the selected items.

If you make changes to the Marker position while the mixer is outlined in red, you'll be given the option to update it for the section, or selected items.

Find/Replace Text of Playlist items

You can quickly add prefixes, suffixes, or replace text with other text for multiple selected Playlist items.

- Select the items you want to modify (note that the first item you select is the one you'll see a preview of the changes for)

- Tap Actions and choose Find/Replace Text

- As you type into the Find box, you'll see any matching characters disappear from the preview.

- As you type into the Replace box, you'll see those characters replacing the found text in the preview.

Make Lefty for Section

You can "Make Lefty" (i.e. swap R for L) for all items in a Section by selecting the Section Header and choosing "Make Lefty" from the Preset name menu on the main page.

This also applies to multiple selected items when editing the Playlist.

Create Stroke Guides for a Section

You can easily create stroke guides for an entire section, or multiple selected items at once.

1. Select a section header, or select multiple items in edit mode.

2. Tap in Sequencer 2, tap the 

NOTE: For a Stroke Guide to work, the pattern must contain R/L on Line 1 of the rhythm in Sequencer 1, and contain some accents.

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