New in 22.04.1

New in 22.04.1: Compound Time Signature toggle; Return to start position in a Playlist; Clear accents/slashes/ties individually

Compound Time Signatures

Technically, 6/8 should be written as two groups of 3x8th notes, with the tempo being related to a dotted quarter note.Sometimes in music with mixed time signatures, you may want 6/8 to be used as a regular time signature.To account for the two options, you'll now see a "Compound Sig: ON/OFF" button when adding a time signature that's a multiple of 3 on the numerator.When adding bars to a Playlist from the Add Items dialog, you must tap on the time signature to bring up a pop-up time signature picker with the Compound Sig button. This pop-up picker also contains irregular denominators (in case you're playing music with time signatures like 4/5!!)

Return to start position in a Playlist

In the Playlist controls you'll see an improved interface for defining what should happen when playback is stopped. You can choose to do nothing, to return to the top of the Playlist, to return to the top of the section, or to return to where playback started from.

Clear Accents/Ties/Slashes/etc

Previously, when tapping the Clear button when editing Accents/Slashes/etc, everything on the top line would be cleared. Now, you have the option to clear just the accents, or just the ties, or just the slashes.

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