New in 22.08.2/3

This update adds a new option to the '+' menu in a Playlist to 'Duplicate Item (auto-number)'.

This can be useful if you want to quickly create a Playlist where each item is a new bar in a piece of music.

Start by creating a new item and call it "Bar" (or whatever you like).

Choose the sounds you want and set the time signature and a basic rhythm.

Then tap the '+' button and choose 'Duplicate Item (auto-number)', then choose how many copies you want (e.g. 10)

PolyNome will duplicate your item and add a numerical suffix to each item - e.g. Bar 1, Bar 2, Bar 3, Bar 4, etc.

Note: If the name of the item you're duplicating ends with a number (e.g. Bar 3), the duplicate items will count up from that number (Bar 4, Bar 5, Bar 6, etc)

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