New in 2.3.0 - Metronome

New features in 2.2.9/2.3.0

On iPad the Change Rhythm/Sounds/Accents pop-over windows are bigger

Bar numbers added to rhythm display

Volume Control Changes: PolyNome now goes a bit louder and the faders work in a more natural way (you don't have to pull them all the way down before things get quieter.) This will make your saved Presets sound a bit different (if you used the volume controls) but it made sense to fix the issue going forward.

Removed any latency when pressing play

Practice Pad flam sounds

Make Lefty option. Tap the preset name and choose Make Lefty to change both metronomes to left handed versions (swaps R and L). Tap and hold under the rhythms in a metronome and tap Make Lefty to affect just that metronome.

Bass and Keys notes added to Sound Picker for creation of melodic lines.

Stab sounds added to Sound Picker.

Transpose/swap bass& keys. Long Press under notes on Metronome page for options (when bass or keys are used in the pattern)

Displace Rhythms. Long Press on notation on Metronome to view options.

When shuffling rhythms, half and whole note rests that start and end the entered rhythm are left alone.

Quick Access Practice Log. Tapping the Preset name brings up a new option for Practice Log which will show the Practice Log results for that Preset.

Voice cues and song sections added to sounds

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