New in 23.03.1

File Attachments

Add a song chart, a photo of lesson notes, or a scan of a page of music to a Preset or Playlist item. 

Simply long press on a Preset or Playlist row and choose from the Attach File menu, or drag and drop from the Files or Photos app onto a Preset or Playlist row. Then tap the ⓘ button to view the file. Search Help for "Add File" to learn more.

External Links - Video/Website

You can also add an external link to a Preset or Playlist item. To do this, navigate to the "Edit Features" page for a Preset or the "Settings" page for a Playlist item by long-pressing on a row and selecting the appropriate option. Then, tap the "Add Video/Website" button to add your link.

All New Menus

The interface of PolyNome has been revamped to make it slicker and more efficient. Long press on any Preset or Playlist row to view a context menu with options.

In the top right of the Presets, Playlist, and Playlist Manager pages you'll now find a single ellipses button which contains the old Edit/Multiselect, Search, and Add buttons.

In a Playlist, the "Add Items" option has been replaced with the Add menu for quicker access to the option you want.

Improved Sound Picker

The Sound Picker page has been modified to make it more intuitive. The list of sounds is now on the left, and the buttons you can assign them to are on the right. You can drag and drop a sound from the left onto the button you want to assign it to, or you can select the button you want to assign a sound to, then tap the -> to assign a sound.

Minor Updates

  • Additional changes include:
  • Sort Playlist items alphabetically by selecting them and choosing Arrange -> Sort A-Z from the Actions menu.
  • You can now paste the Time Signature as an attribute in the Paste Attributes page.
  • QR Codes now contain the Preset name as part of the image.
  • Backup size is now shown in the Backups menu.

I hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful! Don't hesitate to leave a review on the App Store if you like what you see.



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