New in 2.3.1

Haptic FeedbackWhen using devices that support haptic feedback you’ll see an orange button above the Master fader in the mixer. Use this to turn on haptic feedback and feel the 1/4 note pulse. Great for getting a tempo without having to look at the screen.
Polyrhythmic Rates VisualizationWhen you have rhythms in met1 and met2 you’ll see a new Rates fader in the mixer.Tap the “Mode” button to change the visualisation mode. This makes most sense when you have divisions of a whole note in each metronome - e.g. 3 notes per bar in Met 1 vs 5 notes per bar in Met 2.

Shuffle Rhythm OptionsTap and hold on a rhythm on the Metronome page and you'll see a new Settings option.This gives you options for linking sounds, accents, and metronomes when shuffling. If these are on, stickings and accents will stick to the notes. If they're off, the rhythms will be shuffled but the stickings/accents won't.
Displace OptionsNew options when displacing Sounds/Accents to link them together (i.e. displace sounds and accents as one) and to link metronomes (displace in both metronomes at once).Long press above or below notation to see these settings.
Swap MetronomesTap the Preset name at the top of the Metronome page and choose Swap Metronomes to switch the contents of Met 1 and Met 2.
Improved Split ScreenWhen using split screen mode on an iPad, toggling to library will display the library only (instead of it taking up only half of the screen).This is useful on a gig – have setlist on one side and score in another app on the other.
New Master Volume ControlOn the Pan/Mute page in Preferences there’s an additional slider for Volume. Reduce the volume here if PolyNome samples are clipping.
New sounds addedShorter crash sounds, Muted Guitar Up and Down strums
Audiobus 3 supportPolyNome now works with AudioBus 3
Include Tempo in Setlist PDFOption to include tempo when printing set lists has been added to the Preferences menu.
IMPROVEMENTSImproved input of sounds and rhythms.Swipe to the end on Change Sounds or Change Accents to position the cursor to add more.Swipe to the beginning on Change Rhythm page (until nothing is highlighted) to insert notes at the start.
- Playlist Manager remembers your selected sorting criteria.
- Long Press on Playlist name to jump to Playlist Manager.

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