New in 2.3.3


Tap and hold the timer button to pause playback.

Pinch to zoom in metronomes!

You can zoom in and out on the rhythms in Met 1 and Met 2.

The zoom state is saved for the particular layout. That is, if you’re in landscape with the mixer up, it’s a different zoom for if you’re in portrait with the mixer hidden. Before you’ve pinched to zoom PolyNome will default to the old display size. Once you’ve pinched for a particular layout in a particular preset then that zoom state is saved.

New percussion sounds

Including Djembe, Sangban and Dununba

Big NumbersWhen using the Big Numbers display with a black background (fader all the way up), tapping the screen will hide the black background. You can bring it back by tapping the Big Numbers fader.
New Entry in PlaylistThis option has been added to the “+” menu on the Playlist page. Use this to create a Playlist entry without needing to add it to the Presets library.
Tempo Options16th, dotted half, and whole note options added to tempo picker. On the tempo entry page, tap the quarter note to choose a different option.

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