New in 2.3.4

There are big and small updates in 2.3.4. The big ones will get their own explanatory posts. The small ones are...

  • Long press on a Preset/Playlist/Playlist Manager row to enter edit mode.
  • Double tap a row in Playlist Manager to load the Playlist.
  • Long press the "Labels" button in Presets Library or Playlist Manager to quickly change labels for the selected item.
  • In multi edit mode the "Labels" button becomes "Change Labels" to quickly edit labels for the selected items.
  • "Hours" added to all time pickers. You can now set a time of up to 23h59m59s
  • When a Playlist is set to Auto Advance and Stop (for example, if you're using it to count off songs in a band) the Eye Notes for the item just played will remain. If you have the Eye Notes in full screen mode, you'll see the title of the notes at the top, and the title of the next loaded item at the bottom.

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