New in 2.3.6



You can jump to the Practice Log for a specific Preset or Playlist by tapping the new Practice Log button on the right of each item.

If you have a goal set, the button will be orange.

(You can tap the "Labels" button and filter on the bar chart label to see only Presets that have goals set.)

You can now add and edit Practice Events within the Practice Log:

 - swipe to the furthest right screen and tap the + button to add an event for the current Preset.

 - to edit an event, tap and hold it, or tap the Edit button and select the event you want to edit.



You can now set Goals for Presets, Playlists, and even Labels.

You set goals on the Practice Log page. Tap where it says "vs Previous Period ▼" and choose "Set a Goal"

 - specify how long you want to practice each day/week/month for an open goal.

 - enter a target time (eg. 100 hours) and a deadline date, and you'll see how much practice you need to do today in order to hit your target. 

 - enter a target tempo and deadline date and you'll see the bpm increase you need to hit each day.



Use the Daily Journal to make general notes about your practice session, or to plan what you want to work on in the future.

Access it from the menu, or from the Practice Event Editor (tap the left of the 3 buttons under Play to toggle the Practice Event Editor).

A calendar view shows you which days you have journal entries for. Tap an empty date to add an entry for that date.



A new star label has been added for convenience.

To add a label to a Preset:

 - Select the Preset, then tap and hold the "Labels" button. Select the labels you want to add.


 - Enter multi-select mode with the button in the top right. Select the Presets you want to add labels to. Tap the Change Labels button.

To filter on a label:

 - Tap the "Labels" button and choose the label you want to filter on.

When you're filtering on a Label you can arrange Presets or Playlists to allow you to work on them in order. 

 - Tap the multi-select button (top right)

 - Select the Presets/Playlists in the order you want to work on them.

 - Tap the Actions button and choose Arrange

Once you've worked on a Preset/Playlist, it will be moved to the bottom of the list.



 - Meditation Bell added as an alternative timer sound (good for practicing meditation). You can choose the sound when setting a timer that has the alarm switch ON. You'll see a "bell" button appear - tap it to select your preferred sound.

 - Pause button appears when playing.

 - Ability to export Practice Events since a specified date. This speeds things up when copying between devices if you have a lot of practice events.


- bugs with timer

- issue where inc/dec set to "standard" was not remembered

- other known bugs

Please get in touch via the Help page if you find any bugs. I'll squash them as soon as I can!

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