New in 2.3.8

Version 2.3.8 brings some much needed improvements to Labelling and Charts and to the Sound Picker.
Labelling Presets and Playlists is now much quicker and easier. Simply select the items you want to Label, tap the + Labels, and start typing to find (or create) the labels you want to assign.
When it comes to filtering, you can now filter on multiple labels at once. You might use this to filter on the songs for a specific band + a specific key. Or perhaps filter on your "Practice Presets" + "Monday". 

The Charts in the Practice Log have been re-written to be more user friendly. You can use them in portrait mode and you can easily zoom in and swipe to scroll and get a closer look at what you've been working on.

Sound Picker
The sound picker includes new category buttons at the top to help you quickly find the sounds you're looking for. New sounds for each version have a "new" label by them until you've auditioned them.
There are also new sounds in 2.3.8 including a whole section for Drumline!

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