New in 2.4.2

PolyNome 2.4.2 brings improvements to the Edit Pattern page.
LAYOUT————The layout of rhythms has been changed to make it clearer.
Across the top is a header row containing single notes in decreasing length, from a whole note to a 16th note. Below each note are the common subdivisions, followed by an adjustable subdivision (anything up to 32).At the very bottom, is the custom rate button which allows you to enter any number of notes in the space of any other number of notes.

INTERACTION————————Improvements have been made to the interaction with the Edit Pattern page.- Swipe on the notation to drag it (if it’s too long to fit in the display)- When in Change Sounds or Change Accents mode (having tapped below or above the notes), swiping above or below the notes will drag the cursor. Swiping on the notes will still move the notation but without moving the cursor.- You can disable the playing of sounds while swiping by long pressing on a sounds line and turning off Swipe Sounds.

OTHER CHANGES——————————- Backup is now included in the basic version.- Tempo Lock state is remembered after closing/reopening the app.- Guitar strum up/down sounds now use up and down picking symbols. These can be used as a bowing guide also (just mute the sound)

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