New in 2.4.5

Swing Link

Now, when you tap Swing on a metronome there's a button to link the swing of the Overlay sounds (these are the "1", "e", "+", "a" faders in the mixer).

Please note that there are two different swing modes: 8th swing and 16th swing. If you select 8th swing, only the "+" is swung. This will sound strange if you have the "e" and "a" faders pushed up.

Mute Link

When you tap Random Muting you'll see new buttons to link muting of the two metronomes (Link Mets), and muting of the Overlay Sounds (Link Overlay Muting)

When these are turned on, the random muting of Met 1 will apply to the contents of Met 2 (if Link Mets is on) and to the Overlay Sounds (if Link Overlay Muting is on)

Merging Playlists

When merging Playlists, Auto Advance settings and Voice Announce settings are now preserved. Watch the video below for an example

New Playlist Auto Advance Options

If you have a Playlist that uses Auto Advance and Play When Advancing you can set certain options for multiple playlist items at once.

- Tap the Pencil to enter Edit mode

- Select multiple items

- Tap Actions

- Tap Auto Advance Options

You'll see options for Play When Reached and Stop When Reached. If your Playlist has Announce Next Item turned on, you'll also see options for setting the Cue sound.

These actions determine whether the items will play or stop when reached. You can use these controls to create a Playlist that links multiple items together, and then stops at a certain point.

To set these for individual items, tap the gear icon on the right of the item and tap where it says "play when reached" or "stop when reached" to toggle the action.

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