New in 2.4.6

Import Setlists from Tempo and Tempo Advance!

Share them from the Tempo/Tempo Advance app and email them to yourself. Then tap on the file in the email and choose to open with PolyNome.

MIDI device control, including Bluetooth MIDI pedals

Control PolyNome with your iRig Blueboard, or any other device that can send MIDI messages.

1. Go to Preferences ->Remote Control Device

2. If your device is Bluetooth, tap on Bluetooth MIDI and connect to it.

3. Tap on MIDI Devices (iRig, etc) and select your device. (Once you see the check mark, go back to the Remote Device page)

4. Tap Learn MIDI Pedals, then press the pedals on your device to let PolyNome learn them. Tap the screen when you're done.

5. Tap a pedal and choose an action to assign to it.

Copy multiple Playlist items to your Preset Library

This is useful if you've imported a Setlist from Tempo Advance that contains songs for your band. You can copy these songs to your Presets Library, then it's very easy to create new setlists in the future from those versions.

1. While viewing the Playlist, tap the pencil button in the top right.

2. Select the items you want to copy to the Preset Library (you can tap Select All at the bottom if you want all of them)

3. Tap Actions and choose Copy Missing To Preset Library.

They'll be labelled with the name of the Playlist inside < > so you can easily filter on them. You may then want to add a new label of the band name, so they're categorised for easier filtering in the future.

Improved Count Ins

On the Playlist page, if you select an item and choose "Add Count In" from the + menu, it now adds a named count in with voice counting before the selected item. 

SKIP When Reached option added for AutoAdvancing Playlists

If your Playlist has AutoAdvance, and Play When Advancing turned on, you can any individual Playlist items to SKIP when reached.

This is great for Count Ins that you only want to hear the first time the Playlist loops.

To set an individual item to SKIP When Reached:

1. Tap the Gear Button on the right.

2. Tap the Action When Reached until it says SKIP When Reached.

To set multiple items to SKIP When Reached:

1. Tap the pencil button and select the items you want to modify.

2. Tap Actions and choose AutoAdvance Options.

3. Choose SKIP When Reached.


- When Met 2 is empty, there's a new option when you tap on it to "Copy Met 1 to Met 2". Useful if you've entered a rhythm and you need more than 2 lines of sounds.

- When in a Playlist and you tap the "rep" button on the main screen, it will loop the current pattern.

- Prompt about unsaved changes when entering Playlist Manager or Creating New preset to stop you accidentally losing changes.

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