New in 2.4.7/2.4.8

Record and Export PolyNome audio

Quick Rename

Quickly rename the current preset by tapping the Preset name on the main page and choosing the Rename Preset option

Insert Existing Playlist

On the Playlist page, there's a new option when you tap the + button for > Insert Existing Playlist. This will take you to Playlist Manager and allow you to choose an existing Playlist to insert into the currently loaded one.

Improved BIG NUMBERS and RATES display

When you push up the BIG # fader in the mixer you'll notice that the big numbers now bounce. This makes it easier to get a feel for the tempo.

If you've entered different patterns in Met 1 and Met 2, you'll also see a Rates fader. Tap the Mode button under this fader to see different visual displays comparing the rates. It's a good way to visualise polyrhythms. 

NOTE: The swipe option on the tempo control on the main page has been removed. As much as I tried to make that useful, it's just much quicker to tap the control and type in the tempo you want (trust me, I did a lot of testing).  If you'd like Tap Tempo to be available on the main tempo control, you can turn this on in Preferences. When enabled, you'll long-press the control to open the Quick Tempo Entry.

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