New in 2.4.9/2.5.0

Auto Counting!

PolyNome is now able to add voice counting to rhythms. Simply tap on the met with the rhythm you want to be counted, and choose Auto Counting.

Manual Counting Page

When adding sounds to a rhythm, there's now a new sound entry page called "Counting". You can enter the numbers 1-12, and subdivisions as you like them. 

Tempo Improvements

- Swipe tempo has been reimplemented

- Max tempo is now 2000bpm (use swipe tempo to get above 999)

- Long pressing on tempo nudge buttons (+ / -) now changes tempo in steps of 10bpm. (You can change the behaviour to jump by classical tempo markings in Preferences)

- Classical Tempo Names and nudge buttons have been added to the Quick Tempo Entry page. 

Tap the tempo label (or long press if your preference is set to have tap tempo on the main page) to bring up Quick Tempo Entry.

Tap on the tempo name label to view a scrollable dropdown of all tempo names. Or, swipe the label left/right to move between them.

When you select a name, a tempo in the middle of its defined range will be set.

You can read more about the ranges by searching help for "Classical"

Other Features

- You can now rename a Playlist from the playlist page by tapping on the name.

- If you add a Section Header to a Playlist and call it "Sum" it will total the song lengths of the items above it. This is good for creating a band setlist with multiple sets when you want to know how long each set will be.


This isn't new to this version, but in case you missed it, you can tap on the Preset name at the top of the main metronome screen and choose "Toggle Record".  The next thing you play in PolyNome will be recorded to an audio file that you can save to files, import into a DAW, or anything else you desire!

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