New in 2.5.3

There are LOTS of new things in 2.5.3

Watch the video for an overview

There are so many new features in v2.5.3, and I'm really excited for you to get your hands on it. There's still more that I want to add, but I needed to draw a line so I could get this long overdue update to you.

First the big fun features:

Basic Functions:

- You can now set the Time Signature from the main page and PolyNome will automatically fill the bar for you. This is helpful for creating basic metronome clicks.


The Shift/Randomise controller allows you to lock an action to the main screen. You can then randomise or shift the rhythm or sounds while playback is happening. You can have it perform the locked action automatically every x repeats. This allows you to create an ever changing groove or melody creator, or create random exercises or ear training challenges!

Quick Polyrhythm Creation:

Tap on the Preset name and choose "Create Polyrhythm" to quickly generate any polyrhythm in a number of ways.

Playlist Linking:

You can now add links to Playlists within other Playlists. This has many possibilities including a quick way to group playlists together for practice sessions or live performance.

Playlist Soloing:

You can select items from a playlist and solo them (with the new button in the Actions bar at the bottom). Only soloed items will play - allowing you to work on small sections of a Playlist very easily.

Now the full list...

Main Page:

- Met1/Met2 have been renamed to Seq1 and Seq2

- Overlay Sounds have been renamed to Metronome

- You can now swipe on longer patterns in the main window to see what's off the screen

- Pinch to zoom on notation

- Menus for Swing, Random Mute, Randomise have been revamped

- New Sounds (808/909/John Bonham/etc. Voice for Push/Pull and more)

- Improvements to Big Numbers display. This can now be turned on from the main menu.

- BIG Improvements to the Mixer. A menu on the left allows you to narrow down which faders are visible, and you can now swipe on the body of the faders to scroll

- In Preferences you can choose 2-10bpm for the steps it will jump when you long press +/- buttons

- On iPad, the Library section can now be made full screen


- Count-ins will remain with the item they count in when shuffling a Playlist

- Count-in tempo will be updated automatically when you change the tempo of the item it counts in

- Playlist solo button allows you to only play back selected items

- Link to other Playlists within a Playlist

- Choose your button size (long press the Play button and use the slider to set size)

- Improved "Tap To Start" functionality in Playlists (tap the Gear button and enable "Tap Tempo Start" to use it)


- Multi-select in Practice Log event view for deleting multiple events at a time

- Tap and hold a Practice Event to edit it

I hope you enjoy these new features.

Please get in touch at if you have any questions or feedback, or find any bugs.

And if you have time to leave an updated review, that's always appreciated.

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