New in 2.5.4

PolyNome 2.5.4 has some useful new features and fixes some bugs.

Here's a quick video demonstrating the new features.

If you'd like to create videos of you playing with PolyNome - check out the instructions at

Here's the full list of what's new in 2.5.4

Edit Pattern Page

  • You can split a sticking in Line 1 (e.g. RLRRLRRR) by long pressing on an empty Line 2 and choosing "Move Stickings From Line 1"

Super Quick Tempo

  • If PolyNome is stopped when you load the Quick Tempo Entry page, the bottom right button becomes a play button for super quick starting


  • Long press an item to jump to edit mode with that item selected. From there you can quickly rearrange, or loop selected items
  • New "Save In Playlist" option when you choose "Save As" from the Disk Button menu on the main page (if there's a Playlist loaded). This makes creating a Playlist with multiple items VERY fast
  • If you have a Playlist item loaded and you changing tempo/loops/timer on the main page, PolyNome will not prompt you to save when you load another playlist item. Swiping to the main page and tapping the "reps" button is a quick way to loop and work on a single item from a Playlist.
  • When editing a Playlist you can now see the reorder handles

Paste Attributes

  • The Paste Attributes page now has the ability to Paste both Seq1 and Seq2 attributes at the same time, or paste attributes from one sequencer into both

Main page

  • Option to hide Seq2 when in Landscape on iPhone
  • Polyrhythm moved to main menu. When you create a Polyrhythm, whatever you were working on will be saved and the default Polyrhythm preset will be loaded and populated with default polyrhythm sounds. If you modify sounds and save, those sounds will be used for future polyrhythms. If you delete the Polyrhythm preset in the Presets Library it will be re-created with default sounds next time you create a polyrhythm.


  • When you have an accented roll (notated with slashes), only the start of the roll will be accented
  • Open hihats will only be cut short by other hihat sounds on the same line
  • Ruffs and Drags on hihats now work properly

Bug Fixes

  • Opening PolyNome in split screen on an iPad? I finally fixed that bug where everything was messed up!
  • Fixed accent levels when playing back within a playlist
  • Fixed bug where Playlist scrolling became unresponsive after playing for a while

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