New in 2.5.5

There are over 20 new features in PolyNome 2.5.5! Watch the video below to learn about them, or read on for a list...



  • Preference for setting the bpm inc/dec when tapping nudge buttons
  • Tempo changes are now smooth and won't wait for the next cycle
  • Padlock button on the Tempo Entry page toolbar allows you to lock the keypad on screen for super-quick tempo changes. When locked, the bottom button will become a play/stop button and any tempos you type in will be set automatically
  • On iPad, there's a full-screen button that will enable a full screen Tempo Entry keypad


  • The mixer has a new, cleaner design
  • Tap any fader in the mixer to see a Giant Fader with tappable volume labels for super-quick volume setting


  • When Big Numbers is full screen, you can tap at the top of the screen to pause playback (instead of stop).


  • New Frame Drum sounds added


  • There's a new Session Timer which allows you to set an overall practice time. It is independent of the individual Preset timers, but is located in the same place (tap the timer above the play button to see it)


  • MUCH improved rhythm entry page
  • When the sounds or accents you've entered extend beyond the specified rhythm, they'll now be visible even if you're in rhythm editing mode.
  • Long press a button to add the rhythm and bring up Edit menu. You can now tap outside the edit menu to apply changes. 
  • New Save Rhythm option in the Options menu when editing, which will save the rhythm to your favourites.
  • Duplicate added to long press menu when entering rhythm


  • Display & sort by Time Signature
  • Add to Public Library renamed to "Upload to". You can then add to the Public Library OR share a private link. Great for a class of students, or for quickly sharing presets via messages
  • Much faster downloading from the Library - tap and hold a link and choose “open in PolyNome”



You can now do the following with Playlist Sections:

  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Arrange
  • Loop
  • Shuffle - Tap the Playlist name, and choose "Shuffle Playlist". If your Playlist has more than one section header, you'll be given the option to Shuffle Sections as well as the usual Shuffle Items. This will rearrange sections without changing the order of items within each section.


  • Long press a Playlist item and tap the Loop button at the bottom to loop just that item.
  • Long press a section header and tap the Loop button to loop the whole section.
  • Long press an item, or section, that's already looped and looping will be cleared. If other items are looped, you'll be given the option to clear looping or just remove the selected items


  • Add Count Ins to multiple Playlist items at once by selecting the items and choosing "Add Count In" from the + menu
  • When adding a New Entry to a Playlist, it defaults to 1 rep instead of loop



  • Tap the Multi-Select button at the top and select what you want to hide. Then tap the Hide button at the top.
  • When you're not in multi-select mode, the hide button is an "eye" button which allows you to flip between viewing your regular Playlists and those you've hidden.


  • If you have a Playlist which contains links to other Playlists, you only need to share the parent and all linked Playlists will automatically be included

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