New in 2.5.7

Version 2.5.7 brings a sleeker look, a MUCH improved sound picker, decimal tempo, and some other useful improvements.

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The New Sound Picker!
Prefer to read? Here's the full list of new features.

Tempo Settings:

  • Decimal Tempo option
  • AutoSave Tempo Changes in Tempo Settings

Demo Presets/Playlists Settings

  • Disable auto install of Demo Presets with App Updates
  • Re-install the latest demos (in case you deleted them, or had auto update off)
Big Numbers Colors:
  • In the Big Numbers Colors page, tap either the background, big number, or details text to set and save the color you desire
  • At the top of the picker on the left you'll see a bar line "|". Selecting this will give you options for filling the bar, no matter what the time signature. Great for quick creation of gap clicks
  • Split Notes option when editing a note group now applies to any rate.
  • In the new sound picker, you can set sounds for both Sequencers, and the Metronome, without having to leave the page.
  • You can see exactly which sounds are assigned to which buttons.
  • Tap a row on the left to select it and enable you to assign a sound to it. Tap the blue speaker if you want to see the currently assigned sound.
  • Tap a sound from the list on the right to assign it. Tap the big speaker button to audition a sound without assigning it.
  • Swipe left on a sound to add/remove it as a Favourite.


  • You can save the sounds assigned to a Sequencer or Metronome as a "Set".
  • You can then load those sounds from the Set with a single tap in future.
  • Swipe left on a Set to delete it

NOTE: You can assign sounds for an entire playlist by tapping the playlist name and tapping "Choose Playlist Sounds"

  • When selecting multiple items, if they have a known practice time, the total practice time will be displayed in the navigation bar. This is useful when choosing playlists to work on in a practice session.
NOTE: A Playlist will have a known practice time if Auto Advance is turned on, none of the items are set to Loop, and Playlist Looping is either off, set to a finite number of loops, or tempo boundaries are used to define an end point.


  • When scrolling a Playlist, you'll see new Pop-up controls buttons to provide quick access to Playlist Controls, and Playlist Time settings.
  • You can now tap on the Playlist name and set the same sounds for the entire Playlist in one go! You can also go into edit mode and select just some of the Playlist items, then set the sounds for those in one go from the Actions menu.
  • There's a new "Jump to section" option if you have "Jump To Top When Stop" enabled in Playlist Controls.
  • Tapping a section header and setting a tempo will apply it to the entire section.
  • When tapping the gear button on a Playlist item, the Reps is now available in a picker view. This makes it much faster to change the reps of individual items.
  • A new Practice Log button has been added to the Playlist toolbar. Click it to jump to the Practice Log for that Playlist


  • The Quick Access panel has a new Expand button on the left. This will load the Quick Access contents into the Playlist to let you re-arrange, delete, or add items to your Quick Access list. Changes are automatically saved if your Quick Access is saved with a name.

  • Daily Journal button added for quick access to the Journal.
  • Goal button added for quick setting of Goals for Presets and Playlists.

NOTE: Goals can be set for individual Presets and Playlists. When a goal is set, the practice log button on the Preset/Playlist row will be orange. You can also set an overall practice goal when viewing "Everything" in the Practice log.


  • On iPhone, double tap on a Preset or Playlist item to be taken back to the metronome screen.
  • You can now link the Line1 and Line2 faders in the mixer for quick muting of a Sequencer.

That's it for now. I hope you find the new look pleasing, and the new features valuable.

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